The Orwell Society visits the Orwell Weekend at Letchworth

Letchworth is hardly an SWP hotbed (are they still going?) and it looked for a while as if the panel might outnumber the audience, but 70-odd suddenly turned up, avidly read the first Orwell Society newsletter handed out by the bouncy bloke in the Denholm Elliott strides, and showed in their points and questions that they cared and were ready to do something about it. What that might be we’ll probably never know...


Orwell as Comic Writer, by Bernard Crick

ORWELL AS COMIC WRITER – Bernard Crick Published in FinlayPublisher, January to March 2008 Bernard Crick   Some years ago when working on my biography of Orwell I had a largely useless interview with Malcolm Muggeridge, the famous television personality, once a socialist and friend of Orwell’s, by then a self-promoting right-wing Christian convert and…Read more Orwell as Comic Writer, by Bernard Crick