Orwell’s Crystal Chandelier, by Steve Wadhams

Orwell’s Crystal Chandelier Published Finlay Publisher May – July 2010 Steve Wadhams I began the Preface to my book “Remembering Orwell” by noting “with some discomfort that I am an exact contemporary – thirty-nine years old in 1984 – of Winston Smith” and that “I am writing this book on April 4th, the very day…Read more Orwell’s Crystal Chandelier, by Steve Wadhams


New Light on Orwell's Lost Youth

Again, no-one but Eric and Jacintha would grasp the ominous implications of these details. Jacintha was horrified by the denouement of Nineteen Eighty-Four. She interpreted Julia’s fate as an act of vengeance directed at herself. “In the end,” she complained to June Finlay, "he absolutely destroys me, like a man in hobnailed boots stamping on a spider. It hurt my mother so much when she read that book that we always thought it brought on her final heart attack a few days later. Be glad that you have not been torn limb from limb in public.”

Peter Davison bids Farewell & Hail to Orwell site

Farewell and Hail, Peter Davison Jacintha Buddicom in her Notes to Eric & Us starts with an explanation of her and Eric’s use of their private salutation: ‘Farewell and Hail we adopted as our private salutation, ending Farewell and Hail, so that we should meet again’. It came, she explained, from Catullus’s Ave Atque Vale1.…Read more Peter Davison bids Farewell & Hail to Orwell site

John Rodden reviews A Life in Letters

Peter Davison (ed.), Orwell: A Life in Letters reviewed by John Rodden, 20pds, 542pp., 2010. There are two ways to review this excellent new collection of George Orwell’s letters edited by Peter Davison. One can either highlight the original material that appears in the book, which is truly path-breaking. Or one can discuss the volume…Read more John Rodden reviews A Life in Letters

Review: Orwell – A Life in Letters, by Peter Davison

George Orwell: A Life in Letters, Harvill Secker, rrp £20 Reviewed by Dominic Cavendish, 2010 for Findlay Publisher I didn’t expect to well up with tears reading Orwell: A Life in Letters - but several times, against the grain of my own nature, and against the grain of Peter Davison’s richly absorbing selection of Orwell-generated and Orwell-related correspondence,…Read more Review: Orwell – A Life in Letters, by Peter Davison

DJ Taylor on Orwell's Poetry

ORWELL’S POETRY – DJ Taylor First published by Findlay Publisher December 2008 - January 2009 Peter Davison’s magisterial Orwell: The Complete Works (1998) prints 26 poems by, or ascribed to, George Orwell. They range, chronologically, from ‘Awake Young Men of England’, a jingoistic call-to-arms that appeared in The Henley and South Oxfordshire Herald two months…Read more DJ Taylor on Orwell's Poetry