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Journal Submissions

Style Guide

All copy should be submitted via email attachment in Microsoft Word or Open Word format; 12 pt Times Roman, 1.5 line spacing. No articles are accepted as hard copy (say through the post).

Titles of books (e.g. Burmese Days) and newspapers/journals (e.g. Tribune) should be italics (and never in capital letters).

Chapters of books, articles in newspapers and magazines have double inverted commas either side (e.g. “Why I Write”) but are never italicised.

Quotes are given as….He said: “Orwell is probably the greatest journalist of the twentieth century.” (notice use of colon, not comma, before the quote).

Inverted commas are always double except when needed inside double quotes when they become single.

Spellings should always follow English (rather than US) conventions. So organisation (not organization); humour (not humor), defence (not defense) etc.

Punctuation follows UK (not US) conventions. So, for instance, UK convention is:

He said Orwell was “the greatest journalist of the twentieth century”.

In the US it’s Orwell was “the greatest journalist of the twentieth century.”

Nineteen Eighty-Four is our style for the title of the book. Only in the American context can it be 1984

All photographs in the journal should carry captions; so if supplying a photograph with copy please include a caption.

Please submit photograph of yourself (no smaller than 400 x 400 pixels) when submitting copy via email attachment.

Submissions failing to follow these guidelines will not be accepted.


Website Submissions

Please submit all content as original content or with no more than 180 words taken from another website or news source. Articles should be no shorter than 250 words. If imagery is available please supply no smaller than 600×600 pixels. Please provide a full link to supporting or related content and submit this to the editor by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Submitting content

  1. Dear sir or madam,
    My name is Rafael Font Vaillant and I have just published a biography of my father, Rafael Font Farran, who was a member of the Executive Committee of the POUM. He worked at Barcelona-based daily newspaper «La Batalla», the central organ of the POUM. In his book «Homage to Catalonia», George Orwell wrote that he read «La Batalla» during the Spanish civil war when he fought in the ranks of the POUM.
    To defend POUMist militants imprisoned in 1937 and, in particular, foreign volunteers who, such as Orwell, had come to fight in the ranks of the POUM, Rafael Font Farran opened in the summer of 1937 a law firm for which, in his name, he rented offices in Barcelona. These offices were used by the POUM to house clandestinely some of its central services; the party also used them as a meeting place. Orwell wrote in «Homage to Catalonia» that the POUM, after his ban in 1937, «had practically no underground organization». , he added.
    Some months later, Rafael Font Farran was elected, by his fellow POUMist prisoners, “president” of the second gallery of the Modelo prison of Barcelona where many members of the POUM, Spanish or foreigners, were imprisoned. It is undoubtedly in this gallery that Orwell would have been jailed if he could not escape arrest in Barcelona.
    Yours sincerely,
    Rafael Font Vaillant


  2. Prime Stage in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) is producing a theatre adaptation of 1984 in March 2017.
    We would be honored to connect with The Orwell Society – and I would also love to explore the option of having Richard Blair join us for one of the performances either in person or through Skype.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

    Wayne Brinda, Ed.D.
    Producing Artistic Director
    Prime Stage


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