Dystopian Fiction Result

Winner of student dystopian fiction prize announced Jon Platten, a student on the University of East Anglia’s MA Biography and Creative Nonfiction programme, is the winner of this year’s Orwell Society Dystopian Fiction Competition. According to the judges, his story, ‘The Report’, cleverly captured some intriguing dystopian elements (such as the Aspiration Compliance Centre, Communications…Read more Dystopian Fiction Result


Orwell and Garrett in Liverpool

1936 and 2019 A short film about George Garrett’s meeting with George Orwell in Liverpool in 1936 will feature on BBC TV's The One Show on Tuesday 12th March. The film feature George Orwell’s son, Richard Blair, and George Garrett’s grandson, Sean. Orwell was researching his seminal work on poverty in Britain in the 1930s,…Read more Orwell and Garrett in Liverpool

Hogg on Income

Continuing our series on George Orwell and Pamphlet literature. George Orwell continued to follow the Signpost Booklets on Post-War Problems in his As I Please column. In his 19th January 1945 column, which was divided into four parts, one part consisted of two short paragraphs: "‘Today there are only eighty people in the United Kingdom,…Read more Hogg on Income