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Journal 1

Peter Stansky. From Across the Pond.

Peter Davison. Parallel Worlds (on Vasily Grossman)

Douglas Kerr. Living with George Orwell.

Dominic Cavendish. wwwhere do we go from here?

Dr Philip Bounds. Orwell and the Paranormal.

Ron Bateman. Writers on Hop-Picking.

Journal 2

Quentin Kopp. My Father George Kopp.

Peter Davison. Dickens -First and Last.

Harry Bark. How Relevant is Orwell Today?

Tom Miller. Revolt in Dystopia.

Richard Keeble. George Orwell, Journalist and Me.

Peter Burness-Smith. A Fugitive’s Progress.

Journal 3

Peter Davison. Selecting What Orwell Wrote.

Richard Young. Collecting Orwell.

L. J. Hurst. I James Blunt (on Orwell’s review)

Maggie Huff-Rousseile. Memories of My Burmese Days.

Brian Rubin. Orwell and Popular Culture.

Journal 4

Richard Keeble. Orwell by his great friend David Astor.

Peter Davison. Tim Rosenthal: in tribute.

L. J. Hurst. Orwell and the Missing Money Lender.

Tom Miller. Reflections on Nineteen Eighty-Four

Peter Marks. Extracts from Orwell the Essayist.

Peter Duby. The Man who inspired George Orwell.

Journal 5

Paul Richards. Orwell in Eastbourne.

Richard Keeble. The Orwell/Self Spat.

Michael Soarse. The Theory and Practise of Oligarchical Collectivism.

Brian Rubin. Orwell: The Proletarian Writer.

Howard Wolf. The Decisive Act of Self Defence.

Michael Rank. Orwell in China.


Journal 6

Richard Keeble. How Orwell Can Inspire & Far Beyond Mere Hackery. (Reviews of Philip Bounds’ Orwell and Marxism and Orwell’s Select Journalism)

Brian Rubin. Orwell and the Anarchists.

L.J.Hurst. The Not so Cheerful Building Society.

Dione Venables. Orwell as Poet.

Tim Bancroft. Dystopian Prize Winner.

Ludger Wilmot. I lived in Chelsea Spike.

Tom Kelly. 10th Anniversary of the Untimely Death of Eileen Blair (poem)

Journal 7

Peter Davison. The End of the Road.

Jenny Lindsay. Reckless As a Flood (poem).

L.J.Hurst. New Road and Strange Companions.

P.J.Lethbridge. The Man Whose Gait Orwell Copied (Eugene Aram)

Brian Rubin. In Praise of Christmas.

Tim Thorpe. Did George Orwell Receive Fan Letters Before He Was Famous?

John Boaler. Books – And Still More.

Gordon Bowker. Introduction to George Orwell: The Complete Poetry.

Richard Lance Keeble. Row over Orwell’s “Little List” Rumbles on.

OS Journal 8Journal 8

Krystyna Wieszek. Orwell and the Poles.

Sylvia Topp. Orwell in Love.

Richard Young. The Pub and a Promotional Flyer.

Peter Davison. The Home Guard and Orwell.

Richard Blair. Orwell’s Jura vs Jura Today.

Holly Domney (Winner of Dystopian Short Story Competition). Etanidrobus.

Two Contrasting Talks at the AGM.

Journal 9

Desmond Avery. Deeper Down and Further Out (Orwell on Jura).

L.J.Hurst. Two Memories and Charles Dickens.

Masha Karp. The Raven Vanishes. (Censoring Orwell)

Interview with Paul Anderson (Orwell and Socialism).

Tim Dagleish. Orwell on the Hebrides (poem)

John Boaler. A Slightly Earlier Road to Wigan Pier. (by H.V.Morton)

Journal 10

Richard Young. The Road to Wigan Pier : Publication Complexities and a Little Mystery.

Sylvia Topp. Eileen at Oxford.

Tom Miller. At War with Eastasia.

Masha Karp. “Who the deuce is Mr Schimanski?”

Richard Lance Keeble. Orwell “the Virtuoso of the Nostrils” (a review of Orwell’s Nose by John Sutherland).

John Boaler. When a Fellow Polemicist Assesses Orwell (a review of “And Yet…. Essays” by Christopher Hitchens).

L. J. Hurst. A Re-Discovery of Orwell ( a Tribune column in Scots Digest)

Roger Howe. Orwell in the Sixties.

Neil Smith. The Results of the Recent Member Survey.

Journal 11

Desmond Avery. Orwell at the BBC.

Richard Lance Keeble. Beyond Room 101.

John Newsinger. “Bitched, Buggered and Bewildered”: Ethel Mannin and George Orwell.

Interview with Nick Cohen. Where are the Left Now?

Luke Davies. Going Incognito: The Literary Tradition behind Down and Out in Paris and London. (Review of Luke Seaber’s book).

Richard Lance Keeble. “Two Titans of the Fight for Individual Freedom” (Review of Thomas E. Ricks’s book “Churchill and Orwell”).

John Boaler. Homage to Nineteen Eighty-Four. (Review of Boualem Sansal’s “2084- The End of the World”).

Maja Emilie Velfen Olsen. The No Child Policy (winner of 2017 Dystopian Fiction Competition).

Roger Howe. Orwell: Contemporaries and Continuers.

Letters about Journal 10.

Journal 12

Oliver Lewis. Where the Orwell Story Began.

Jeffrey Meyers. “I Regard Conrad as One of the Best Writers of this Century…”

Stephen Wadhams. Mr Orwell Goes to Broadwey.

Julio Etchart. Imagining Orwell.

Luke Seaber. The Hidden Complexities in Down and Out in Paris and London.

Richard Keeble. Homage to Catalonia and the  Journalistic Imagination.

An Exchange on Orwell and the Fabians Between Dione Venables and William (Liam ) Hunt.

Wiesiek Powaga. The Animals Revolt: A Detective Story.

Michael Arthur Soames. Urgency of Orwellian Spaces in the Secondary Classroom.

Quentin Kopp. Society Events 2018-19.

Ron Bateman. Sheila Davison: Crucial Proof-Reader of the Complete Works.

OSJ 13

A subscriber, excited by the arrival of issue 13, took this photograph

Journal 13

Ann Kronbergs. Why Does the Writing Make Us Chase the Writer?

  • On Southwold and Orwell’s letters to Eleanor Jaques

Paul Anderson. Best Introduction to Orwell’s Politics So Far – But Not the Last Word.

  • A Review of John Newsinger’s book Hope Lies in the Proles: George Orwell and the Left.

Masha Karp. Orwell and Russia.

  • A Preface to her Russian Biography.

Julio Etchart’s Photographs: Imagining Orwell.

L.J.Hurst. Reading on Rooftop Guard.

  • The books Orwell read in the days of Barcelona fighting.

Kathryn Peck. The Dressmakers.

  • A short story, winner of the 2018 Orwell Society Dystopian Fiction Competition.


Tom Miller. Etonians in Dystopia

  • On Orwell and Huxley.

John Boaler. Little-Known Dystopian Vision – Not Quite Orwell’s Match.

  • A Review of Constantine Fitzgibbon’s When the Kissing Had to Stop.

Joe Nicholas. “Of Pobbles and Their Toes”: George Orwell’s Essays and Popular Culture.

Journal 14.

D.J Taylor. A Five-year Stretch: Nineteen Eighty-Four’s Long Gestation.

Richard Young. George Orwell and The Betrayal of the Left.

Jon Bradley and Sam Allison. Censorship in the Classroom.

Jason Crimp. A Man of Much Voice and No Song.

  • on Paul Potts, Orwell’s friend, the author of a memoir Don Quixote on a Bicycle.

L.J.Hurst. Neither Lions Nor Donkeys: Richard Walmesley Blair and the Mules.

Bernard Crossley. Critic and Collector:

  • Orwell on the Postcards of Donald McGill.

Tom Miller. Look Back on Orwell

  • Orwell and John Osborne.

Roger Howe. George Orwell in Theory and Practice

  • Review of David Dwan’s Liberty, Equality & Humbug, OUP, 2018

Darcy Moore. ‘An Astonishingly Comprehensive Record

  • A Review of George Orwell on Screen by David Ryan

Carole Lochhead. Outstanding Biographer who Shed New Light on Orwell.

  • Obituary of Gordon Bowker.


Journal 15.


John Rodden. George Orwell, Prose Laureate

Carol Biedersdadt. The Case for a Hybridised “Florwell”

Rina Crick. Burmese Days: A Visit to Katha in December 2018

Jon Platten. The Report

Sylvia Topp. A Moroccan Interlude

LJ. Hurst. Schools in the Sight of God:

  • George Orwell on the Distinctions of Education

Brian Rubin. William Morris

  • “Empty Windbag” or Patron Saint of Socialism?

John Boaler. Orwell and “Cranks”

Richard Lance Keeble. Two Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Nineteen Eighty-Four‘s Anniversary

Ann Kronbergs. Writing in the Blitz:

  • Inez Holden and the Second World War

Brian Palmer. Splendid Isolation:

  • A New Novel about Orwell’s Last Years

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