In The News

George Orwell’s writings frequently have relevance to items in the news. We bring you some here.

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Number 16: The Crystal Spirit Found World Wide

Number 15: David Lodge Notices Authors Become Less Creative

Number 14: Orwell and Camus: The Meeting That Never Was

Number 13: Daring Unimaginable

Number 12: The 21 greatest TV adaptations – 1984 “watched by the largest audience since the Coronation”

Number 11: In the style of Orwell

Number 10: Peeling Potatoes and Making Tea

Number 9: J B Pick (Without illustration of Gangrel)

Number 8: J B Pick – The Man Who Let Orwell Explain Why He Wrote

Number 7: Intelligent Life Magazine on Orwell’s World

Number 6: John Sutherland, George Orwell and English Rhyme

Number 5: Lionel Davidson, Submarines and Anti-Semitism

Number 4: George Orwell’s Pamphlet Collection

Number 3: Orwell’s Publisher Caught in Controversy

Number 2: Writers protest PEN honour for ‘Charlie Hebdo’

Number 1: Misrepresentation of the I.B.M.T?

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