The Orwell Society and, before its formation, its friends who met online at the Finlay Publishers’ website have contributed many articles of interest. This page is designed to be an index to our authors and the subjects on which they have written. We have grouped these as our Vanguard, Contributors, On Orwell’s Books, and More!

Our Vanguard

By Richard Blair

Lucy Bestley and Jane Morgan

By Sonia Brownell Orwell

By Bernard Crick

By Peter Davison

Dione Venables

Our Contributors

By Gerry Abbott

By Stephen Armstrong

By Desmond Avery

By Ron Bateman

By Carol Biederstadt

By Philip Bounds

By Dominic Cavendish

By Oscar Clarke

By Tim Crook

By Denis Frize

By Christopher Hall 

By Rachel Halliburton

By Henry Hitchings

By William Hunt

By L. J. Hurst

By L.J. Hurst and Richard Young

By Richard Lance Keeble

By Douglas Kerr

By Quentin Kopp


By Ann Kronbergs

By Harriet O’Brien

By John Rodden

By Sylvia Topp

By Steven Wadhams

By Richard Westwood

By Richard Young


Animal Farm (1945-2015)

In August 2015 the Orwell Society sponsored a series of original articles on the origins, development, history and genre of George Orwell’s fairy story Animal Farm.

Keep The Aspidistra Flying (1936 -2016)

In April 2016 the Orwell Society sponsored a series of original articles to mark the 80th anniversary of George Orwell’s novel Keep The Aspidistra Flying.



Orwell and the Left Book Club


  • Director Robert Icke and playwright Duncan Macmillan talk to Dominic Cavendish about Headlong’s 1984.


By and About Christopher Hitchens