Paris and London 2018

One of the benefits of membership of the Orwell Society is participation in the annual Orwell Walk. Lead by an expert, such walks explore the streets, districts and haunts known by George Orwell during different times in his life. We publish reports of these events and announce them on our Facebook page and Twitter stream.…Read more Paris and London 2018


‘1984’ in Spokane

Our American correspondent Carol Biederstadt crossed the continent from her East Coast base wondering what a small company in Spokane, Washington State, could offer in a production of 1984. Read on and discover that she found a production that was not only "both current and timeless", but one that required an even larger vocabulary. Re-Educating…Read more ‘1984’ in Spokane

Ruth Pitter

Ruth Pitter's name appears in the biographies of George Orwell as the Southwold friend who found him lodgings in London, when the would-be writer decided to place himself closer to the contacts and possible contracts that would make life as writer possible. * Ruth Pitter was born in 1897 and had been a friend of…Read more Ruth Pitter