70th Anniversary Thoughts

George Orwell died in January 1950. The seventieth anniversary of his death has prompted members of the Orwell Society to reflect on Orwell and what his life and work have meant to them. Their thoughts will appear here over the coming days. * * Norman Bissell: The death of George Orwell 70 years ago was…Read more 70th Anniversary Thoughts

Late London

  Jack London, the American author, was a figure to whom George Orwell repeatedly referred. Like Orwell, London had written both social investigative factual works (such as The People of the Abyss and The Road), and fiction on both political and natural subjects. His specifically political novel was The Iron Heel, while his novels about…Read more Late London

Christmas WWII

  In his concluding paragraphs to his London Letters to Partisan Review magazine in the USA, written during the Second World War, George Orwell sometimes commented indirectly on the food situation . Here are his observations on two Second World War Christmases, Notice how Orwell is able to use the colour of the Christmas puddings,…Read more Christmas WWII