Over To Liverpool

"Went over to Liverpool to see the Deiners and Garrett", George Orwell wrote in his Wigan Pier Diary in February 1936. In August 2018, Richard Blair, son of George Orwell, met Sean Garrett, grandson of George Garrett, in Liverpool. Mike Morris of the George Garrett Archive explains more about the meeting and how it came…Read more Over To Liverpool


One of a Kind

Nigel Bryant, author of our popular study of the origins and rivals to George Orwell's Animal Farm, and author of his own sequel, Manor Farm, now applies his quotidian expertise in psychology to an examination of Eric Blair as he became George Orwell. * George Orwell – One of a Kind by Nigel Bryant I…Read more One of a Kind

Sniffing Out

  Some Sutherland insights (and errors) * Richard Lance Keeble sniffs out some useful Orwellian insights in the work of the controversial biographer, John Sutherland * John Sutherland’s Orwell’s Nose: A Pathological Biography (London, Reaktion Books, 2016) has proven to be highly controversial. While its focus on ‘smell narratives’ throughout Orwell’s work is both original…Read more Sniffing Out

Eric Blair at Eton

In 2018 Eton College unveiled a bust of their former student, Eric Blair, who left the school in 1921. He has become famous since as 'George Orwell'.   Sarah Warren-Macmillan, college librarian, described the unveiling, and Blair/Orwell's life, in the college magazine.     Our thanks to Sarah Warren-Macmillan, Eton College librarian.   Uploaded 2nd…Read more Eric Blair at Eton