Barnhill Slate

The Barnhill Slate, mounted on Welsh slate by Inigo Jones, is from the roof of Barnhill on Jura, the home in which George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four and where his son, Richard Blair, now Patron of The Orwell Society, spent his childhood.

Orwell Society Slate.JPGThe drawing of Barnhill has been kindly given to The Orwell Society to be used in this way by Mark McLaughlin. Mark is a painter working from south London, who exhibits at the Royal Academy.

The Fletcher family, who rented Barnhill to Orwell, offered the pieces of original slate to The Orwell Society to help us to raise funds for our education bursaries, which form part of our charitable objectives.

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  • International Price: £50.00 plus P&P. Please enquire initially as costs vary.

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