Spanish Civil War Tours

Madrid in the Spanish Civil War

Between 1936 and 1939, a terrible war divided Spain. The legitimate Republican government was challenged by a group of fascist officers in the Armed Forces and the fight for control of the capital resulted in a civil war lasting 3 years. In this walk we explore how Madrid defended itself until it fell in 1939, ushering in Franco’s 36-year dictatorship.

This specialist tour is led by Dr. Almudena Cros, a researcher on the subject whose family was directly involved in the war.  Dr. Cros has been working for a number of years as a consultant, interviewer, and interpreter in numerous projects, books and documentaries related to the Spanish Civil War and has lectured on the subject.  Her first hand knowledge and her ample experience interviewing war veterans and survivors brings to life the realities of the conflict and its aftermath in an unparalleled manner.

During the first half of the tour, we reconstruct what the city centre looked like in the war, with the help of photographs from that period.  Dr. Cros will share with you her family’s wartime story in her native Madrid, illustrated by their photographs and documents of the time. The use of authentic materials recovered from battlefields and military memorabilia will give you an exceptional insight into the Spanish Civil War.

The story of the International Brigades (the volunteers who came to help the Republic from all over the world), and their contribution to the defense of Madrid is an essential element of this unique learning experience.  The personal stories of volunteers such as John Cornford and other British, Irish, American, Italian or Australian brigaders will be discussed.  Dr. Cros is deeply involved in organizing and attending commemorative trips, events and ceremonies related to the International Brigades in Spain and other countries as well as helping relatives of the volunteers trace the steps of their family members during the Spanish Civil War.

A donation from the proceeds of this particular itinerary will be made to the Friends of the International Brigades Association (Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales / AABI), to support the work that this non-for-profit association does to preserve the legacy of the International Brigades.

For the last hour of this walk, you have a choice of either visiting the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia to discuss the art produced during the Spanish Civil War (including Picasso’s Guernica), or exploring the battlefield remains further afield.

Length: 3 hours. Maximum group size: 8 people.


70 euros for adults
60 euros for students
50 euros for children aged 14 to 18
Booking 4 people: 60 euros per adult
Booking 5 people: 55 euros per adult
Booking 6 to 8 people: 50 euros per adult
Special offer: For family units of up to 6 members, including 2 or more children: 220 euros flat fee per family (please note this walk is not recommended for children under 14)

Centro de Arte Reina Sofía tickets: 8 euros per adult – included in the price.
Please bring your passport to qualify for a reduced entrance fee to the museum (over 65 years old, children under 18 or students under 26 with a valid College or University ID)

Available days and starting times:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: starting at 10:00.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: starting at 16:30.

Tuesday: only available to run Battlefield remains option: starting at 10:00 or 16:30.
Please note: if you wish to include a visit to the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, this Museum is closed on Tuesdays, so we are happy to accommodate your booking or follow the alternative route to visit the battlefield remains.
To enquire about booking a Spanish Civil War tour, click here.
* We also offer the possibility of half-day trips to the battlefields of Jarama or Brunete, led by historian Severiano Montero, author of La Batalla de Brunete. Severiano is a retired high school History teacher whose research on the subject of the Spanish Civil War in the region of Madrid has yielded a vast amount of new information.  These battlefield tours offer the opportunity to explore trenches, memorials and other remains from the war.

Cost of these half-day excursions, which include transportation:
120 euros per person if only 1 participant (no minimum required)
140 euros total for 2 participants
160 euros total for a group of 3 participants

The full proceeds from these battlefield tours go directly to AABI.
Please contact us to enquire about your trip to Jarama or Brunete by email:

Our Spanish Civil War tours are endorsed by the Friends and Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the United States (FFALB), the Associazione Italiana di Combattenti Volontari Antifascisti di Spagna in Italy (AICVAS) and the Orwell Society in the United Kingdom, of which Dr. Almudena Cros is a member.
Dr. Cros is also a member of the prestigious International Brigades Memorial Trust and other associations related to the International Brigades while she currently serves as the President of the Spanish organization AABI (Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales).  She is also the appointed representative of the family of British Brigader John Cornford in Spain, and is a key collaborator in the project Finding John Cornford.

For more information about Across Madrid please click here.

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