2019 Orwell Inspired


Music composed and performed by John Hodgson, in response to Christopher Priest’s short story “Shooting an Episode”, a title which suggests its inspiration in the reportage of George Orwell. The complete set, for all the stories in Priest’s new collection, is hosted on Soundcloud, and can be found here.

“Shooting an Episode” first appeared in the short story anthology 2084 (Unsung Stories)

2084 George Sanderson

(not to be confused with 2084 – The End of the World by Boualem Sansal which was reviewed by John Boaler in Orwell Society Journal 11).

“Shooting an Episode” is now available in Christopher Priest’s latest short story collection, Episodes (Orion Books).

Priest Episodes-9781473200647-32

Christopher Priest explained the origins of the story on his blog on 20 August 2017:

‘Although I rate Nineteen Eighty-Four as a genuine classic, I believe Orwell’s most important work, at least in terms of the great influence he has had on those of us who follow him, lies in his non-fiction, notably his social and political essays. My story is therefore called “Shooting an Episode”.’

Each story in the new volume contains an explanatory ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’, and that of “Shooting an Episode” goes into more detail of Priest’s regard for the work of George Orwell.


Uploaded 17 August 2019


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