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Some titles now in print



Dystopia: A Natural History by Gregory Claeys (Oxford University Press)


The Ministry of Truth: A Biography of George Orwell’s 1984 by Dorian Lynskey (Pan Macmillan)


Blitz Writing (Night Shift & It Was Different At The Time) by Inez Holden (Handheld Press)


It Was Different At The Time is Holden’s account of wartime life from April 1938 to August 1941, drawn from her own diary. This was intended to be a joint project written with her friend George Orwell (he was in the end too busy to contribute), and includes disguised appearances by notable literary figures of the period.”




Barnhill by Norman Bissell (Luath Press)

The Question Mark by Muriel Jaeger (British Library Science Fiction Classics)

The Question Mark_

First published in 1926. “… like The Handmaid’s Tale (1985), it allows for the importance of subjective experience — the internal mental space that, unlike in Nineteen Eighty-Four, cannot be taken over by any external system, however coercive or invasive” (from Mo Moulton’s Introduction)

Wild Harbour by Ian MacPherson (British Library Science Fiction Classics)


First published in 1936, this tale of Future War also includes an Introduction by Timothy C Baker, illustraions and maps, and MacPherson’s own article from SMT Magazine for September 1940 describing work on his highlands farm over the previous year, the arrival of a Land Girl, the dreadful July weather, and the full-time activities that had prevented him from joining the Local Defence Volunteers.


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