2019 Bursary Winner

Winner of £3,000 Journalism Bursary Announced


Elizabeth Howcroft is the winner of this year’s £3,000 journalism bursary awarded by The Orwell Society. A graduate of Cambridge University (where she gained a First in English), she is to take on the position of editorial trainee at Reuters in September.

She said: ‘The clarity and lucidity of Orwell’s prose has had a significant impact on my aims and ambitions as I start my career. Orwell inspires me to seek truth and to learn to communicate it plainly, without the obstruction of jargon or euphemism. I am also inspired by his intellectual versatility, as he writes convincingly on such a range of topics.’

Rhiannon Storer, who is to begin an MA Journalism at Sheffield University in September, was runner-up. And Luke Donnelly, of Bournemouth University, won praise from the judges. Amber Peake, of Brunel University, Rhianna Hurren-Myers, of Cardiff University, and Nathan Olsen, of the University of Sheffield, were commended.

The judges were Richard Blair, son of Orwell and Patron of The Orwell Society, Ros Wynne-Jones, of the Daily Mirror, Dr Judith Townend, journalist and lecturer in media and information law at the University of Sussex, and Richard Lance Keeble, Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln and chair of The Orwell Society.



One thought on “2019 Bursary Winner

  1. Congratulations to Ms. Howcroft. I expect wonderful work in her future. I would like to suggest that in the future the runner-up be awarded some kind of prize money…in that in general, the person who applied to an Orwell Society award has a heart in the proper place.


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