Orwell on Screen

After much research, enormous effort and long labour David Ryan’s George Orwell On Screen is now available. Published by McFarland, it has an introduction by A L Kennedy, who delivered the Orwell Lecture in 2017.



Among the subjects covered, in chronological order, in George Orwell On Screen are adaptations, documentaries and docudramas on film and television. The works studied include Orwell’s novels, his essays, and – more generally – his life, experience and his friends and acquaintances.

DR GOOS pic 1

The contents are:-

Foreword by A.L. Kennedy

The 1950s: Bashing the USSR
1. Studio One: 1984 (1953)
2. Nineteen ­Eighty-Four (1954)
3. Animal Farm (1954)
4. 1984 (1956)

The 1960s: A Brief Revival
5. The World of George Orwell: Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1965)
6. George Orwell 1903–1950 (1965)
7. The World of George Orwell: Coming Up for Air (1965)
8. The World of George Orwell: 1984 (1965)

The 1970s: Reclaimed by the Left
9. The Road to the Left (1971)
10. The Road to Wigan Pier(A Musical Documentary) (1973)

The 1980s: Man of the Year
11. The Crystal Spirit: Orwell on Jura (1983)
12. Arena: George Orwell (1983–84)
13. The Road to 1984 (1984)
14. Nineteen ­Eighty-Four (1984)

The 1990s: Heritage Orwell
15. A Merry War (1997)
16. Animal Farm (1999)

The 2000s: Centenary
17. George Orwell: A Life in Pictures (2003)
18. The South Bank Show (2003)
19. Orwell Against the Tide (2003)

The 2010s: Identity Politics
20. Peaceforce (2011)
21. Shooting an Elephant (2016)
22. Assorted Orwell
23. ­Not-Quites and ­Near-Misses
Chapter Notes  223
Bibliography  239
Index  241

DR GOOS 978-1-4766-7369-1


George Orwell On Screen is available through all good bookshops and online dealers.



Uploaded 6th October 2018


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