Southwold Plaque Renewed


To commemorate the renewal of the plaque on Montague House, High Street, Southwold, the family home of the Blair family (‘George Orwell’ was Eric Arthur Blair) until World War II forced a relocation for war-work,  the Orwell Society and its friends made a journey from Wallington in Hertfordshire (where Orwell and Eileen, his first wife, lived from 1936 onward) to the coastal town that was to feature in at least one of his novels.


Richard Blair sets off our riders, Karen Blair and Liz Kopp, from Wallington


Stowmarket marked the half-way point


Success! The party arrived in Southwold, crossing via the Walberswick ferry

Walberswick was a regular haunt of Orwell’s, and the place where he thought he saw a ghost.


Richard Blair speaks, standing before the new plaque (to right of front door)

All photographs above by Quentin Kopp, Orwell Society Events Secretary.

Video by Southwold Food Prandium


The new plaque

Photograph by Ann Kronbergs


And what of the Southwold that Orwell knew remains?


Denny’s the Taylors

Richard Walmsley Blair, George Orwell’s father, and Orwell himself were customers of Denny the Taylor. The family may have moved but the connection was not broken during the lifetime of George Orwell. At the end of the war, after a small lifting of clothing restrictions, Orwell ordered a new jacket.

Photograph by Orwell Society Secretary, Neil Smith



Our thanks to our brave riders, Karen and Liz.

There is still more of Southwold and its connection to George Orwell to explore.

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