Covering Orwell

We have drawn attention previously to some books which continue themes from George Orwell or respond to issues in his work.  Here is a reminder of some of these works, specifically fiction.

Orwell once wrote, ”The novel is a Protestant art form, requiring the free play of mind. There are few Catholic novelists who are any good, and most of them are bad Catholics.” We have no idea of the background to these authors and no idea if it would help if we knew.

Instead we identify them by their cover art.



Big Sister Jonathan Le Gray

Big Sister, by Jonathan Le Gray



The Last Man In Europe, by Dennis Glover


Manor Farm Nigel Bryant

Manor Farm, by Nigel Bryant

Eric Is Awake Dom Shaw

Eric is Awake, by Dom Shaw


Burning Down George Orwell's House Andrew Ervin

Burning Down George Orwell’s House, by Andrew Ervin




Page Created 24 February 2018



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