Wigan and America 2017


The Orwell Society’s participation in the events of March 2017, marking the 80th anniversary of the publication of George Orwell’s The Road To Wigan Pier, brought members from around the world to the town. American member Carol Biederstadt was asked to give her impressions, and the results from Wigan Archive and Museums’ Past Forward magazine number 77 can be read here.

We are grateful to Wigan Archive and Museums for permission to reproduce this document.



From Past Forward, 77.

Wigan Past Forward 77 page 35

Previous issues of Past Forward have dealt with George Orwell and The Road to Wigan Pier, Past Forward issue 22 and Past Forward issue 34. We are grateful to the local government of Wigan for making these journals available.

We thank the staff of Wigan Archive and Museums, and Louise Fazackerly, Alan Gregory, and all at Sunshine House for their commitment to this project.


Article by Carol Biederstadt.

Uploaded January 28th 2018




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