Memoirs of Professor Peter Davison

The Orwell Society is proud to publish the memoirs of Professor Peter Davison, editor of the Facsimile Edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four, and the twenty-volume Complete Works of George Orwell.

In 2017 the Folio Society has published a single volume illustrated edition of the the Orwell Diaries and Life in Letters, edited by Professor Davison.

Our index page leads to five sections, covering all aspects of his life.

PD talks to JSProfessor Peter Davison speaking to Professor Jean Seaton


3 thoughts on “Memoirs of Professor Peter Davison

  1. Peter Davison taught me bibliography and textual criticism at Birmingham University from 1971 – 73. It is largely thanks to him that I became interested in the physicality of books and in the possibilities of palaeography. Since that time I have edited many MSS and published two . My latest project is an edition of the Constantinople Journal of John Spencer Smith, 1794 – 7. I always remember him inviting the veteran bibliographer Fredson Bowers to give a talk and being constantly amused by his weird name.


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