Your Voices Heard | Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a patron of the Orwell Society and Eric Arthur Blair’s son. 

Eric Arthur Blair is the real name of the writer George Orwell, one of the voices for this issue

Richard has read your posts about freedom, privacy and safety, find out what he had to say.

Dear Burnet News Club members.

I have been asked to address some of your concerns about the freedom and privacy that you might experience in your daily life whilst using the internet; ie how safe are you? Not only from official surveillance, but also from those who pose a threat, such as terrorists.

When my father, George Orwell (real name was Eric Arthur Blair), went to fight in the Spanish Civil War at the end of 1936, he went to fight on the side of the republicans against the fascists and was wounded, thus having to leave in June 1937. During this time he discovered how the communists were manipulating the people in Spain through lies and deceit. The fascists were doing very much the same, but he was aware of that before he went to fight. In his book, Homage to Catalonia, he sets out to give an honest account of what he saw.

Read the rest of the letter here:


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