Second Orwell Society Walk in central London 27th September 2014

George Orwell’s London

I am pleased to announce that Orwell Society member Michael King, who is an experienced guide for tours on a number of Authors including of course, George Orwell, has offered to lead a tour in central London for Society Members at 11am on Saturday 27th September. It is not possible to include a walk encompassing all the areas he is well known for having frequented because the distances are just too long, for example between Hampstead, Canonbury Square and Lambeth.

Michael says:

George Orwell spent a considerable period of time, especially in the 1940s, living and working in London. We will explore some places, mainly in the Fitzrovia and Soho areas of London, which feature in both his life and writings. There are several restaurants where he dined and pubs which he drank in and used for scenes in his novels. Also we will see the site of The Chestnut Tree Café from Nineteen Eighty-Four as well as the former offices of the Adelphi magazine which published his early essays, and which also features in a scene in Keep the Aspidistra Flying. Other sites include the building which inspired the Ministry of Truth in Nineteen-Eighty Four and the offices of Faber and Faber, the publishers for whom T. S. Eliot rejected the manuscript of Animal Farm, as well as the flat of Sonia Brownell, that was also used in Nineteen Eight-Four. Finally we will see the wing of University College Hospital, where George Orwell died in 1950.

There are numerous places en route and also at the end of the walk for refreshments, both liquid and food. The walk will last about two and a half hours.

Key Walk details

– Meet outside Goodge Street Station at 11am.
– Cost: £10 per person, including a contribution to The Orwell Society.
– If you would like to join us, please email me Quentin Kopp at by September 13th.
– If members have any other ideas for events, visits or trips, please contact me.

A final note

Some members have asked me if we could have events where they could meet the friends they have made on previous Orwell Society events and the AGMs. We encourage everybody to come to this event in this spirit. Many of you came last year and received Michael’s excellent notes, but I am sure that you will also learn something new on this event. We will have a pint at one of the many pubs Orwell was associated with and possibly a bite to eat afterwards.

I am looking forward to meeting old and I hope new faces, Quentin Kopp.


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