IBMT visit to Spain October 16th to 22th 2014 – Coffee in Huesca Tour

The International Brigades Memorial Trust are making a last call to anybody who would like to join them for their visit to Spanish Civil War sites.

This visit will include seeing some of the sites we include on our tour of the sites associated with Orwell. The tour is named after the famous words quoted by Orwell, which the POUM troops overlooking Huesca said.

The larger part of the tour will give anyone interested in a view of British Brigaders’s involvement in the Civil War an excellent insight.

If any Orwell Society member or other visiter to our web site would like to go, please contact Pauline Frazer before the 30th June at


2 thoughts on “IBMT visit to Spain October 16th to 22th 2014 – Coffee in Huesca Tour

  1. Just as a matter of historical Accuracy, was GO a member of the International Brigade?

    He was accredited by the Independent Labour Party and fought in the POUM.

    Before going to Spain, he had a meting with Harry Pollitt on this very subject which ended less than cordially and which, given Pollitt’s influence, would be the kiss of death for anyone wanting to join the IB.

    To bring things up to date, I spend a good part of my year in Spain, with Spanish neighbours on all sides. Modern Spain has largely passed an act of collective oblivion (a la South Africa) re who burned whose thatch in 1937 and interlopers turning up resurrecting old grievances are really swimming against the tide.. Speaking as one who is next best thing to a Spanish citizen, Spain wants to move forward , not back. (Northern Ireland papers please copy.)

    Denis Frize


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