1942 – A Year Well Spent, pt 1, by Desmond Avery

In his ‘London Letter’ to American readers dated 1 January 1942, Orwell mentions that Dylan Thomas is doing jobs for the BBC and the Ministry of Information. ‘So is nearly everybody that used to be a writer, and most of us rapidly going native.’ It implies that one cannot write for the government and still be a proper writer, but the tenor of this whole piece suggests the opposite.


One Georgie Orwell @ Greenwich Theatre

Attending a first night of a new musical play is exciting enough, but being there for the last night has more poignancy because it has either been a success or a failure. It was, on the particular last evening of our visit, immediately apparent from both the cast and the audience at the Greenwich Theatre that this three-night musical production has been an unqualified success - and will be travelling onwards.