Bookshopping Today

After his time as as bookseller George Orwell wrote his "Bookshop Memories".  We asked our friends at Scarthin Books of Cromford how they display books by and about George Orwell. They let us have these photographs.   A celebration of Independent Bookshop Week June 16th - 23rd 2018     Some of the books available…Read more Bookshopping Today


Romford Re-visited

Within the London section of Down and Out in Paris and London, George Orwell described a visit to ‘Romton’: he was 'on the tramp' and his intention was sleeping in a casual ward he had heard about. Recently, Dr Luke Seaber (author of Incognito Social Investigation in British Literature: Certainties in Degradation, an academic exploration of…Read more Romford Re-visited

2018 Orwell Inspired

Some recent titles inspired by or about George Orwell Click each linked title to read a longer description on each publisher's website.     Young Adult Fiction: Truth Sister by Phil Gilvin (Impress) International Fiction: 2084: The End of the World by Bouelem Sansal (Europa Editions) Political Analysis: Hope Lies In The Proles: George Orwell…Read more 2018 Orwell Inspired

Two Georges

As part of the Liverpool WoWfest 2018 Richard Blair and Sean Garrett joined Ros Wynne-Jones and Mike Morris to talk about the two Georges, Orwell and Garrett, who met in February 1936. Orwell had intentionally travelled from Wigan, where he was deep in the research for The Road To Wigan Pier, to meet his fellow…Read more Two Georges